Beaches Open MRI Boynton Beach MRI Specialists
MRI Specialists, Boynton Beach
  Premium Service, in a Comfortable Atmosphere

American College of Radiology Accredited.

All studies supervised and interpreted by experienced, Harvard trained MRI specialists.

High quality imaging with an open feeling.

Relaxed and personalized atmosphere.

We at MRI Specialists are committed to providing the highest level of Service.

Physician owned and operated, MRI Specialists (Beaches Open MRI, Boynton Beach) provides imaging of unmatched quality and clarity produced with state-of-the art technology; a stress-free examination in an environment specially developed for open MR Imaging; complete focus on the needs of our patients by a highly trained and dedicated staff; and full accreditation by the ACR.

MRI Specialists will exceed the highest expectations for both patients and physicians.

MRI Specialists, Beaches Open MRI, Boynton Beach, is an extension of the highly accredited Jacksonville office.

    1800 W. Woolbright Road, Suite 100 - Boynton Beach, FL 33426
Phone (561) 732-3909

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