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MRI Specialists also offers the premium  0.6 Tesla High Field OPEN MRI system. It is the first next-generation high-field-strength OPEN MRI scanners in South Florida, and it is the best in its class, worldwide. The OPEN fits in well with our philosophy of premium service in a comfortable atmosphere; it combines extremely powerful imaging capability with the greatest concerns for patient comfort.

Patient comfort means better results
Patient-focused features include:

An open scanning area that minimizes our patients’ feelings of claustrophobia. It is the world’s most open whole-body scanner. That significantly lessens patient anxiety.


A large patient opening that contributes to an airy feeling and more easily accommodates patients of all sizes.

A supportive couch for the patient that lowers to the floor and accommodates up to 500 pounds.

.Patient friendly side opening and a family member may hold your hand to lessen your anxiety.

We realize that patients have enough other things on their mind; we do not want patients to feel anxious about our equipment. Comfortable patients allow better examinations and receive better diagnoses. We feel our patients deserve and expect the very best care and results.

Incredible imaging quality from a very powerful machine
MRI Specialists’ OPEN scanner puts a premium on imaging quality. We demand premium service from not just our staff, but from our equipment too. While many new open MRI scanners emphasize comfort at the expense of power and imaging resolution, the OPEN utilizes the power found in the very best high-field strength, whole body scanners. It has the best of both!

Philips Medical Show site — We are one of the first to receive the latest software updates and coils from Philips Medical Systems.  It is one of the most powerful open systems available for providing patients and physicians with scans of exceptionally high detail to use for diagnosis. Incredible images, scrutinized by our expert staff, means the patient can take comfort in the fact that they are receiving the very best care.

Capabilities of the OPEN MRI scanner include:

High-resolution magnetic resonance angiography, including dynamic contrast-enhanced MRA


Diffusion Weighted Imaging

Breath-hold imaging

500 lb weight limit

Spectral Fat Suppression

High-resolution off center orthopaedic imaging 

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